Hey guys!

Here is my piece for Mondo’s EC Comics show premiering at Mondo Gallery tonight! I grew up loving these comics, the covers specifically, so it was a great honor to be asked to participate in this show!

Above is the digital final as well as the final inked out piece on 18 x 24 bristol. My biggest piece yet!

So go check out the gallery at 4115 Guadalupe St in Austin, Texas! There are some amazing folks participating! What else are you doing!?



I put together a 46 page digital artbook! It’s stuffed with high resolution images from the blog, a couple of new bits and some concepts from the Canto project! It should be finished and released on the 5th of October. Check it out!

Pre-order it here for half-price ( $1! )

Fungi is one of the bests out there today! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of these at really high resolution and they’re the best treat you can get!

exbendable asked:

Hey Shane, Any plans on doing horror movie drawings this October? I remember tuning in for a decent chunk last year and they were a blast.

Unfortunately not. I’ve been swamped by this 3D program I am taking. I do have a little something in the works though! Very horror related!